Rosie and Rahib Habchi

Our move to Canada went flawlessly with Paul's guidance and support. we love our new life in Canada!

Our new life in Canada would not have been possible without Paul's constant guidance and support. He is a true professional with a heart! His agents are also remarkable for their document management and organization. 

We offer the strongest recommendation for Paul - especially given the bad actors in this marketspace.

Medhat Philip


I am recommending Mr. Paul for Canadian immigration consulting. My experience with him has been very positive from the beginning in 2010 to the point where the government of Canada granted the landing visas. 

I am now living and working in Canada for the past six years as a proud and prosperous Canadian!

Issa Mahshi



Back in early 2000, my parents approached Mr. Paul for immigration to Canada. That marked the beginning of our successful journey to Canada. Under Mr. Paul’s guidance, I was enrolled in a Canadian University (Saint Mary’s University) where I graduated and set forth on the immigration pathway. Today, I am a Canadian citizen with a great career and a happy family living and working in Canada. I offer the strongest possible recommendation for Mr. Paul.

I am now in the process of applying for a Super Visa for my parents and once again, I have entrusted Mr. Paul to help us with this.

Ramzi Soujah / Siham El Jawhari



When I researched the amount of work needed to sponsor my wife to come to Canada, I was overwhelmed. I especially didn't want to do all the work and make a simple mistake which would have my application rejected or returned for correction. That would be disastrous. I decided to find a good dependable and honest lawyer with experience in these matters. I had to get it done right the first time. 

I must admit that when I went online, searching for that lawyer, I was very concerned. Pictures of unethical lawyers that charge you tons of dollars and don't deliver results came to mind amongst other things. I have heard a lot of horror stories about these. I was afraid, and skeptical at the same time. 

I went online and researched and found many lawyers claiming to do the job. But the one that gave me a good gut feeling was Paul and Anne Marie. I called them and I am so glad I did. They were honest, friendly, prompt, professional, funny, experienced, dedicated, and very fair. 

Paul and Anne Marie, and their people at Dream Destination Canada, did all the hard work, checking the documents thoroughly, going through each piece of paper, date, fact, etc. This week my wife got approved for her residence visa. I honestly, truly and wholeheartedly recommend that you be careful who to choose. There are a lot of unscrupulous lawyers out there. Paul and Anne Marie I have tried, and I honestly recommend them to you. Thanks Paul!

Mr. Mehdi Valji, Business Owner and Operator



I appreciate Mr. Paul Abraham, FBC Abraham Consulting, and his team at Dream Destination Canada, for Canadian immigration consulting under the Business Class.  He is highly professional and efficient, dedicated, committed and excellent services so very much on assisting us from scratch to the permanent resident status. Mr. Paul comprehends the immigration law very well so that he can help us with profound immigration knowledge. Mr. Paul has valuable experience assisting us at every step.

I am recommending Mr. for Canadian immigration consulting. My experience with him has been very smooth and positive from the beginning in 2011 to the point where the government of Canada granted the landing visas. We are a family of four now living and settled in Toronto, Canada for the past four years as a proud and prosperous Canadians!